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Morning radio show hosted by Dougie Almeida & his various co-host, Elgin David, Ethan Moore, Jackie Sanchez, Randy Vega, & Minda

September 25, 2018

Sep 25, 2018 with Dougie Almeida, Elgin David, & Chris Priester

Show Opens with the guys telling us how their Ebony & Olive Comedy Show went at a Senior Living Center earlier in the day.  Then…In lieu of Ted Cruz & his wife, getting kicked out of a DC restaurant, by looney liberals, Dougie asks, what would you do, if that happened to you and your wife?...Chris comes out and apologizes for things he did back when he was in college, before he gets famous…& Dougie explains how things are just getting worse, when it comes to society breakdowns.

In Straight From the Headlines

 “$18M worth of cocaine found in bananas given to Texas prison”, “State investigating restaurant that calmed lobsters with pot”, “Cathay Pacific spells own name wrong on side of plane”, “Six Flags St. Louis offers perks for customer coffin time”, “Models With Three Breasts Walk the Runway at Milan Fashion Week”, “Emergency evacuation: Indian flyer mistakes exit door for loo”, & “Burglary suspect nabbed after getaway vehicle gets stuck in large manure pile”

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