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Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dougie Almeida! Join Dougie every Tuesday as he welcomes fellow comedians & entertainers, to sit in and discuss trending topics and share funny stories from around the world.

October 10, 2021

Oct 7, 2021 with Dougie Almeida, Trixx & Anthony Rogers

Show Opens with discussion on Today's Topics; Facebook Goes Offline & It Feels Good, Haters and Comics Who Always Ask for Help, & Why Do People Live Near Volcanos?

Things To Know...

Russian Launches Supersonic Missle From Sub, China Flies over 50 War Planes over Taiwan & Due to the Shortage of Truck Drivers, High Schools are Training 18 year olds to Drive 18 Wheelers

The News is a Joke

"Drunk Turkish Man Joins Search Party to Look for Himself", "Special Ops, Hunker Down, in California Airport Hanger, After Nightime Ninja Attack", "I Could Have Easily Died, Whose Wedgie From Wearing High Cut Jean Shorts on a Date, Landed Her in the Hospital", & "Fifteen Year Old Teenager, Gets USB Cable Stuck in His Genitals Trying to Measure Length" 

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