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Morning radio show hosted by Dougie Almeida & his various co-host, Lenny Travis, Jen Hellman, Jay Guy, Minda, & Danny “The Jew”

May 15, 2013

May 15, 2013 with Dougie Dangerous, Lenny Travis, & Warren Durso

Listen in as Dougie Dangerous & Lenny Travis discuss, "What's Trending".   Lenny tells Dougie how he could of gotten out of Jury Duty....Recap on OJ Simpson requesting a new trial.....What's going on in Washington DC?  The IRS, is corrupt, the Gov't is conducting illegal search & seizures.....

& "Warren's Wealth of Wisdom" with Warren Durso

Warren tells us what we don't know about Monsanto, Chem Trails, & HAARP advertise on podbean

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