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Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dougie Almeida! Join Dougie every Tuesday as he welcomes fellow comedians & entertainers, to sit in and discuss trending topics and share funny stories from around the world.

March 5, 2014

Mar 6, 2014 with Dougie Almeida, Lenny Travis, Toast, & Jeffrey Guriann

Good morning Listeners!  Today Dougie & Lenny start the day discussing Dougie’s upcoming road gig to Kentucky & West Virginia with Comedy Zone…..Dougie tells us about some of the characters at his gym.  Like the guy who wears sunglasses.  Then there’s this guy at the gym he calls, “Stinky”, & finally the lady who has great abs that always has them exposed while working out……..Lenny admits to consistently farting when he’s on the tread mill…..Lenny has to mention how big the girl from Precious was on the Oscars…..Lenny continues his rant against Kim Novak and how she looked at Oscars.  However, Lenny loves how Jennifer Gardner looked in her after Oscar party dress….John Kerry comments on Vladimir Putin’s integrity…..Dougie asks the question, “How many people could actually hold on from a ledge without falling for their life?”….Then it’s time for “Toasted Sports” with Toast.  Dougie & Toast discuss weight loss, Lebron James 61 point game, which did you prefer his black mask or his white mask? The Heat are coming together nicely for the end of this season.  Will Lebron stay with the Heat after this year?  Toast asks Dougie how he feels about the NFL penalizing players for using the “N” Word.  In the PGA, Tiger plays horribly and what’s the deal with his back?  He’s in great shape.  English Premiere League soccer coach, Alan Pardew, of Newcastle, apologizes for head butting player on opposing team. 

Then it’s time for “Unusual News” with Jeffrey Gurian.  Today’s headline, “Busiclander Discovered in Blarney Castle”

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