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Morning radio show hosted by Dougie Almeida & his various co-host, Lenny Travis, Jen Hellman, Jay Guy, & Minda

July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014 with Dougie Almeida, Mike Cintron, & Ciro Dobric

Welcome to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show with your host Dougie Almeida.  Along with today's co-hosts, Mike Cintron & Ciro Dobric.  Listen in as they discuss the legalization of Medical Marijuana in Florida....Dougie discusses all the anti police videos on Facebook....Ciro feels things are coming together for him....Then the boys tell us how they got started doing stand up....Dougie discusses Sirius/XM Radio's firing for Anthony Cumia of the "Opie & Anthony" radio show.....Dougie gives advice on what to do when a stranger approaches you on the street or in a parking lot.....Are we in the "End of Days?".....Ciro had a local comic dis him while he was on stage at an open mic and he has it on video, well maybe??....Dougie goes on a "I Don't give a F*$#" Rant......"6 Toxic Behaviors That Will Drive People Away"

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