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Weekly Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dougie Almeida & Co-Host Jenn Hellmann Along with Special Guest form the Comedy & Entertainment World, Tuesdays at 8pm est on our Fan Page on Facebook

November 5, 2020

Election Night 2020 with Dougie Almeida & Jonathan Gregory

Show Opens with Dougie & Jonathan discussing such things as; Much Ado About Nothing regarding Biden Tour Bus Incident, Surviving in Comedy in 2020 & Dealing with Haters, & in 2068, Earth May Get Hit by Asteroid Apophis...No Worries.

Make It Funny Stories

Woman Tries to Sneak a Gun Into Disney World, University's Name Causes them to Develop CUM Merchandise, Pro Boxer Gets His Lip Knocked Off, Pastor Pees on Woman During Commercial Flight & Looks for New Profession, A Pregnant Woman Stops to Vote While Heading to the Hospital to Give Birth, Man Tries to Sneak 2lbs of Gold in his Backside to Avoid Taxation.

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