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Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dougie Almeida! Join Dougie every Tuesday as he welcomes fellow comedians & entertainers, to sit in and discuss trending topics and share funny stories from around the world.

August 2, 2013

Aug 2, 2013 with Dougie Almeida, Lenny Travis, & Jeffrey Gurian

TGIF Show Dougie Almeida & Lenny Travis close the week....You have to kiss ass to get ahead....What happened with Bob Levy & Howard Stern?.....Ariel Castro gets Life without parole plus 1000 years....Edward Snowden was granted temporary asylum in Russia.....Russian Military deploy a guided missile war ship to Cuba....Russia to enforce Anti-Gay law during 2014 Olympics. Guess there won't be any man's figure skating...We talk NBA a bit....What's the big deal with the TV show, "The Dome" ?......Silvio Berlusconi found guilty of tax fraud. Sentenced 4 years, but do to prison overcrowding, he will only spend 1 year in jail.....John Kerry visits Pakistan and says we may stay a bit longer in Afghanistan....Comedian doing crowd work in Detroit asks, "What did you use to do when you worked?"......Country singer, David Alan Cole, has a song using the "N" Word.....Man dies in trash compactor while searching for his missing cell phone...Anthony Wiener pops up again.

"Unusual News" with Jeffrey Gurian.  Jeffrey is back from Just for Laughs, Montreal Comedy Festival & 
tells  us how men in Chicago are actually undergoing surgery to keep their hats from flying off in the Windy City.   Screw-on hats are all the rage!

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