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Morning radio show hosted by Dougie Almeida & his various co-host, Lenny Travis, Jen Hellman, Jay Guy, & Minda

August 12, 2019

Aug 12, 2019 with Dougie Almeida & Phil Schoen

Show Opens with Dougie telling us about his weekend working at the West Palm Beach Improv and opening for one of the biggest douche bags in comedy, Rick Gutierrez. Then Dougie introduces us to his guest Phil Schoen, one of this country's top soccer play-by-play guys. Phil shares his journey on becoming a sports broadcaster & the guys discuss, what it will take, for the US Woman's National Soccer team, to get equal pay. 

Straight From the Headlines

"Chase Bank forgives all credit card debt for Canadian customers", "Bronx Doctors Say Man Discovered With ‘Exceedingly Rare’ Condition, His Penis Is Turning Into Bone", "'Vaginal steaming leaves woman with second-degree burn: report", "Naked Florida bicyclist stole underwear from sex shop, cops allege", &  "Fugitive's receding hair mocked on Facebook, spurring warning from police

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