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Weekly Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dougie Almeida & Co-Host Jenn Hellmann Along with Special Guest form the Comedy & Entertainment World, Tuesdays at 8pm est on our Fan Page on Facebook

April 9, 2013

Apr 9, 2013 with Dougie Dangerous, Michael Panzeca, & Esther Ku

Dougie & Michael talk about their new Comedy Venue, “Stand Up Guys Comedy Show” to be held every Wednesday 8:30pm in the Gold Room located at Goldfinger Gentleman’s Club in Sunrise, Fla… Everyon who attends will get a FREE Glitter Removal Kit....Dougie & Michael go over who is already on the list of Headliners, Features, & Guest Spots…Of course, they don’t want to discuss anymore how NYCC wrote them bad checks and got mad at them for expecting to get paid….Then Esther Ku joins us on the Skype line (Skype still not a sponsor)….Michael admits to learning to play the accordion as a child. It was a bright red one…..What do you think of someone who is 50 and never been married?....What makes a Stand Up Guy?....Margaret Thatcher & Annette Funicello pass away….Is what was sexy then, sexy now?...Is our country making too much of, “Gay Marriage”? ….Our society here in the US feels entitled. Kids today are being brought up lacking character….Scientist say expect more turbulence when you fly due to climate change…Who do you think is more inspirational, Joel Osteen or Oprah?.....US Navy tested a laser system that successfully shot down a drone…..US Gov’t will spend millions of dollars to capture an asteroid and put it next to the moon….Do you believe in UFOs?....9 year old gets sent home from school cause of his Mohawk hair style.

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