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Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dougie Almeida! Join Dougie every Tuesday as he welcomes fellow comedians & entertainers, to sit in and discuss trending topics and share funny stories from around the world.

April 11, 2013

Apr 11, 2013 with Dougie Dangerous, Peter Leonard, & Frank Del Pizzo

Peter notices that Dougie has done something different with his goatee and Peter thinks Dougie looks like Errol Flynn.....Dougie is getting to the gym every morning, mainly due to tall the hot woman working out there....What's your favorite dish to order at an Italian restaurant.....If you do karaoke, what song do you sing?....Lindsey Lohan appeared on David Letterman & we have a clip....Lance Armstrong should consult with Charlie Sheen on how to come back from a major fall....Dougie take a walk down memory lane and what music triggered it....Any coincidence that Archie Bunker & Al Bundy had the same initials?.....Do you think kids watching TV shows back in the 50-60s asked their parents why the parents on TV were sleeping in separate beds?...Dougie shares some child hood stories of his first glimpses of seeing grown woman naked.

& "Let's Be Frank" with Frank Del Pizzo

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