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Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dougie Almeida! Join Dougie every Tuesday as he welcomes fellow comedians & entertainers, to sit in and discuss trending topics and share funny stories from around the world.


Show Opens with discussions on such things as; What keeps you up at night? Should parents hit their kids? & Much more. 

The News is a Joke

"Ukraine’s inseparable couple ditches the handcuffs and parts ways", "Husband Arrested for Murder of Missing Colorado Woman Who Moved to U.S. for Love", "China's WeChat bans nose-picking, spanking in bid to clean up livestreams", "South Carolina court halts executions until firing squad is available", "Dozens of women sue Pornhub, alleging it published nonconsensual clips", "Florida man allegedly pulls a gun on Starbucks employee over botched order, but not on just any employee", & "42,000 pounds of missing pistachios leads to possible illegal pistachio operation"

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Join Dougie as he welcomes fellow comedians, Bobby Collins & Steve Marshall.  Great conversations about Comradery, Comedy, Tough Guys, Jewish Lasers, & Much More. 

"The News is a Joke" Hear what these three have to say about, "Humans can procreate on Mars", "Massachusetts Lobster Diver claims he was swallowed by a whale", "Man with 39 wives & 94 children dies at 74", "Wife arrested after trying to hire hitman on layaway" & "Florida town accidently sells municipal water tower" 

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Show Opens with Dougie excited about his new studio in South Carolina. Then the guys discuss such topics as; F#&k Fauci, Favorite Car, Who was the hottest woman in history? Favorite Meal? & Much more!

The News is a Joke!

"South Florida woman rescued from storm drain rescued underground... once again", "Hong Kong parking space sells for $1.3M, sets new world record", "Bodybuilder who wed two sex dolls is now open to dating humans", "S.Korean designer creates 'Third Eye' for 'smartphone zombies', "A bride collapsed and died at her wedding. The groom then married the woman's sister with her dead body lying in the next room.", & "Italian Artist Sells Invisible Sculpture For €15,000"

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