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Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dougie Almeida! Join Dougie every Tuesday as he welcomes fellow comedians & entertainers, to sit in and discuss trending topics and share funny stories from around the world.


Show Opens with discussions on these Topics

  • Big Debate Tonight / Who would win in a real fight Trump or Biden?
  • From Epidemiologist to Tax Law specialist in just 3 months
  • Keep it Civil Facebook
  • Advice to Comics on how to deal with this pandemic

Word of the Day...."Anhedonia"

"Make It Funny" with these stories...

"Science Says Watching Movies with Your Partner Is Good for Your Relationship—If You Do This *One* Thing", "Man lists himself for sale on Facebook in bid to find a girlfriend after being single for 11 years", "South Carolina TV anchor hit man with beer bottle in fight over politics", "Gang of ‘Trump raccoons' attack journalists working at White House", "Oregon woman disputes Wells Fargo claim she’s dead: ‘It’s not funny’, & "Neighbor calls 911 when Florida hockey fans yell, ‘Shoot! Shoot!’

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Show Opens with some technical difficulties. Dougie's mic wasn't working, so Brian & Steve took over the show for the first 10 or so minutes. Must Here! Eventually, the guys discuss such things as; The Process of Decision Making, Climate Migration, & Unprofessional Comedy Rooms.

Make it Funny!

Listen in as the guys have fun with these stories; "Watch: Florida city's new 'welcome' sign erected in the wrong city", "Boat full of migrants lands on nudist beach – and naked sunbathers offer them hot drinks", "More than 200 half-naked inmates escape jail in Uganda", "Massive Semen Explosion after Blaze Hits Bull Artificial Insemination Facility, Firefighters Forced to Dodge 'Projectiles', "Man shoots doctor after ejaculating during prostate exam", & "Brain wrapped in aluminum foil washes ashore on Wisconsin beach"

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Show Opens with Topics of the Day

  • Netflix New Show “Cuties” Receives Strong Backlash.
  • Netflix “Social Dilemma”
  • Halloween is Canceled!!
  • Paint Gun Wars & Attacks!
  • Gender Reveal Party Starts California Wildfires
  • Fans Boo Moment of Silence at NFL Game Between KC & Texas

Word of the Day "Cavil"

"Make it Funny" Headlines to Laugh About

"Topless Tennessee woman charged with public intoxication after chewing on miniature horse’s mane", "'My only addiction is women': Four-times married El Chapo reveals he fathered TWENTY-THREE children", "Deputy finds reported alligator in storage shed was 'pool floatie', "Artist selling ‘Karen’ Halloween masks, calls them ‘scariest thing you can be’, & "You can now rent the Wiener-mobile for free to propose to your love"

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Show Opens with Dougie giving his review of the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich, Then....Antifa member lights himself on fire, Unfortunately, we lose Chris's internet connection & Jen Joins the show, "Dancing with the Stars" announce this year's lineup, Jessica Krug, the associate professor of African American history admitted she has been pretending to be Black for her entire career, Would you take the Covid-19 vaccine? & Tennis Pro, Novak Djokovic , nails a line judge in the throat with a tennis ball.

Word of the Day "Gorgonize"

"Make Em Laugh" Stories

"Woman Sentenced To Jail After She Glued Her Vagina To Frame Ex-boyfriend", "A Woman Called the Cops Because She Thought Store-Bought Meat Was a Penis", "Stressed elephants at Warsaw zoo to be given medical marijuana", "Beach-goer finds 78 lbs. of cocaine washed up on Florida beach", & "Man blows up part of house while chasing fly"

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