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Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dougie Almeida! Join Dougie every Tuesday as he welcomes fellow comedians & entertainers, to sit in and discuss trending topics and share funny stories from around the world.


Show Opens with discussions on such things as; Will New York City & LA Survive?, PREPARE FOR WORLD OF LAWLESSNESS, KFC Drops “Finger Licking Good” Slogan after 64 Years, “What Should Replace It?", Jerry Falwell Jr, Cuckled His Wife with a Pool Boy & Truck Size Asteroid May Hit Day Before the Election.

Word of the Day "Cuckle"

Joke Write Headlines

"Man punches great white shark to save wife: 'You just react', "Berlin brothels reopen after lockdown, but no sex allowed", "Husband discovers wife's affair after spotting her in the act on Google Maps", "30-year-old stash of beer and gum found in library's mystery section", "California city hunting aggressive turkey that forced park closure", & "Danbury, Connecticut names sewage plant after John Oliver"

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Dougie & Jenn welcome Comedy Icon, Tom Dreesen to Danger Studios! Listen in as Tom shares stories from his illustrious career, working with such greats at Sammy Davis Jr, Johnny Carson, Robin Williams, Andy Kaufman & of course, "The Boss" Frank Sinatra! 

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Show Opens with discussions on such things as; HUGE Explosion in Beirut today, Boston Bomber Won’t Get the Death Penalty, So What Alternative Would You Suggest? Trump Bans Tick Tock, How Do You Feel About China? Tom Hanks Becomes a Citizen of Greece. Is He a Pedophile, Trying to Avoid Extradition?  Bryan Callen Accused of Sexual Assault.  & Anyone Get Seeds From China In Their Mail?

Joke Write Stories

"Vermont farmer returns prosthetic leg that skydiver lost during jump", "Woman Arouses The Internet By Accidentally Buying Phallic Cutting Board", "A Man Who Lost His Penis Now Has a New One Growing On His Arm", & "Drugs plane bound for Australia was so packed with cocaine it was too heavy to take off, police say"

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