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Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dougie Almeida! Join Dougie every Tuesday as he welcomes fellow comedians & entertainers, to sit in and discuss trending topics and share funny stories from around the world.


We have prepared you one hell of a Friday show!  Listen in as Dougie is joined in the studio by Lenny Travis & Steve Marshall.  Just back from our Wise Guys Comedy Show at Tavolino Della Nonna.   They start the morning re-capping this week's show.  Then Dougie & Lenny review the most recent news on the lost Malaysian airliner.....Still over 90 people missing in Washington mudslide.  Seems that city officials were warned about building houses in the area and were warned to move the town almost 15 years ago.....NASA scientists say climate control will affect millions of people within the next two decades....Steve Marshall joins the guys and discusses how to conduct yourself when doing a bar gig.  Also discusses the importance of a good Emcee at a comedy venue.....What do you think of these new shows on MTV like Guy Code?.....
What's up with some of these comics TV Credits?....Dougie puts out one of his new premises to a new joke and Steve & Lenny punch it up....Then Jeffrey Gurian calls in & the guys discuss Jeffrey's up coming trip to Florida to cover the South Beach Comedy Festival and perform at the Wise Guys Comedy Show at Tavolinos next week & if anyone has ever had a Threesome.  Then it's time for, "Unusual News"  Today's headline, "First woman ever who got pregnant from giving oral sex"

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Welcome to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show!  Joining Dougie today in the studio is Peter Leonard.  Listen in as Dougie & Peter discuss:  our new intro song.  Did you know that Arby's bought Ferrell's Hat?.....We had a death in the animal world, Monticore, the tiger that attacked Roy from the famous, Sigfried & Roy, died today.  Must been of AIDS...Peter tells us a bit about kale.....NASA scientists discover a new distant dwarf planet just past Pluto.  Could it be Nibiru?  Another out of this world story, NASA scientist discover an asteroid with rings & they have named it "Chariklo".....Recent report that Jeff Gordon has come out as being gay, was just a hoax.....Peter asks Dougie if he believes in Creationism or the Big Bang Theory? This just riles up Dougie's conspiracy concerns.....Dougie tells Peter about the Nephalem....Some states are trying to make it legal for undercover police officers to have sex with prostitutes before arresting them.....Prosecutors close their case against Oscar Pistorius and he weeps.....Gweneth Paltrow and Chris Martin from Cold Play are officially separated....List of Top 10 High Quality Low Cost Used Cars.
Then it's time for, "Toasted Sports" with Toast

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Hello listeners & welcome to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show.  Minda joins Dougie today in the studio & here are some of the highlights of the show:   For some reason Dougie and Minda start the morning discussing politics.....Dougie considers being a professor at a university when he retires.  He will go on the Corporate Comedy circuit as a Wellness Expert....Dougie & Minda discuss the TV shows Naked & Afraid.  Then they think of starting their own TV show, "Weekend in the Jungle".....Dougie tells us about his Whimsical Wedding business....Minda announces her new segment starting next week on the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show, "TV Thoughts".  Why is that we Americans like TV Shows where English people yell at worthless Americans?....Minda shares a Judo story and Dougie asks if she can flip him....Today's Family Feud Question; Name something you would have a hard time telling a friend.  Dougie & Minda review some of our listeners answers.....Then The Reverend Bob Levy calls in and tells us about a new woman in his life.  She's a Vegan!....Then Bob announces he's putting together a tour to entertain troops around the country....Have you seen the crazy clown walking around Staten Island?

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Good morning listeners &  welcome to a new week of shows here on the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show.  It's Tuesday and Tim Hanlon joins Dougie in the studio along with local comic, Jacky Beren.  Tonight Dougie & Tim compete for a spot in the South Beach Comedy Festival.....Dougie still has trophies in his office and explains why....Dougie & Tim are scheduled to do a gig in Palm Coast this Thursday night.  Unfortunately just last week, a guy dressed like Rambo, attacked two patrons with an Uzi machine gun and hunting knife in the same club.  Let's hope it gets canceled....Dougie preps Tim for this Saturday nights Wise Guy Comedy Show at Goldfinger Gentleman's Club in Ft. Lauderdale....Jacky discusses the challenges of running her comedy room, Gigi's.....Tim shares a story of one of his nightmare gigs with his band at a strip club.  This inspires Dougie to give all the young men listening some strip club advice.....Then in the News, "Lady fakes quintuplet pregnancy cause the internet if filled with lies"....Dougie gets into a discussion about the good ole days hanging in South Beach...."Guy in Walmart sucks a 18 year old girl's toes posing as a Podiatrist student"  While pulling up this story, Dougie realizes there are several of these stories on line....."Judge Joe Brown gets sent to jail for contempt"....Tim is doing pretty well with his "March Madness" Bracket.....& everyone shares they all have a fear of heights.

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Good Morning!  Lenny starts the morning telling us about all the woman/dancers/prostitutes he met at the old New York Comedy Club.....Dougie proclaims he's a happily married man, but remembers the stressful days of cheating......Reverend Fred Phelps, pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church, dies at the age 84....People continue to accuse the animated Disney movie, "Frozen" of promoting homosexuality......Our first casualty of Gay Marriage, former Olympian skater Johnny Weir, separates from his husband....over 100 Mexican immigrants found in Texas home....a woman in India gives birth to a two headed baby girl....Elderly couple die within minutes of each other in Florida.....Lenny tells us about a former New York Comedy Club patron gets stabbed in his own Greek restaurant by his Haitian dishwasher after posting a photo of the dishwasher on Facebook.....Then it's time for the, "Unusual News" with Jeffrey Gurian.  Today's headline, "Man dyes fish to match his suit"

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Good Morning Listeners!   Peter Leonard joins Dougie today in the studio.  Peter asks Dougie how things went in Tampa.....amidst Dougie's discussion on, Perseverance, Peter goes off on a story about why he got into doing radio shows....Peter tells us another story about Miami Subs....For some reason Dougie gets into how to deal with STRESS....Dougie warns people who signed up for Obama Care to watch for next year's premium increases....Remember when you were a kid and your house only had one telephone and your parents would get pissed waiting to use the phone?......Student in Italy breaks 19th Century Greco-Roman statue while taking a selfie....Cat Whisperer hired to visit the home of the family held hostage by their 22lb cat....TV Subscriptions fall over 250k & leaving their cable.....Dougie admits two words he hates to hear, "Assembly Required"......Remember the old Hurricane Phones?....Thunder from Down Under Men Dancers apprehend thief during one of their shows in Vegas......Crimean soldiers leave their home country after Russia takes over.
Then it's time for "Toasted Sports" with Toast....Dougie & Toast start the segment discussing how bad of a season Manchester United is having in the English Premiere League....Baseball is back and Dodgers have to travel to Australia for some games....Dougie shares two of his brackets for a Billion dollars.

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Hello Listeners!  Tune in as Dougie is joined in the studio today by Minda.  For some reason Dougie has some concerns about sea levels rising..... Dougie asks, Would you rather deal with earthquakes, or hurricanes?....Dougie tells us he's an excellent driver......Dougie feels that Evil has taken over the Earth and Minda disagrees.....Minda points out that most people on online dating are more concerned with politics than religion....& In the Headlines:  Florida man is going around urinating on people....Minda thinks most men today are to feminine......Then Bob Levy calls in and Dougie & Minda try to suggest some things for Bob to do to combat being lonely.....then while discussing Evil, Bob's dog's go all Linda Blair.  Listen in.

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Good morning listeners & welcome to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show.  Tim Hanlon joins Dougie in the studio today.   Tim tells us a bit about his experience at Laugh Fest in Grad Rapids......Dougie discusses his trip to Tampa to audition at Side Splitters.....New news on the missing Malaysian airliner....Dougie doesn't care what Russia does in Ukraine.....a piece of the wing on a Delta flight flew off in mid flight....Ever have a flood in your house?....Pope and the Vatican cancel a meeting with Russell Crowe to promote the new movie Noah.....Dougie is building a Super Jet Ski to escape if a Tsunami ever hits Florida....What do you do when your eating with a group of friends and someone doesn't pay their fair share?.....Airbnb renter returns to his home to an overweight orgy.....Did you hear the rumor that, "Newman" from Seinfeld died in a car accident?.....Scientist have found evidence of the, "Big Bang" theory....Dougie does not want to live in a post-apocalyptic world cause there's no cable.
Then the Rev. Bob Levy calls in to bust balls.

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TGIF!!  Good Morning Listeners!  It's Friday so Dougie & Lenny are at the helm.  They discuss the possibilities of what could of happened to the Malaysian airliner.....Update on Obama Care, seems over 900k people haven't paid their first premiums....Dougie thinks we should be more concerned with the health of our citizens, not just insuring them.....Can you imagine if another airliner goes missing?......Drunk driver drives through crowd of people in Texas attending a music festival and kills 2 people and injures dozens....Dougie announces that Bob Levy & Artie Lange are coming to Coral Springs at the end of June and Dougie is being considered to host the shows.....Jerry Sandusky's wife is back in the news claiming her husband in innocent and that the victims were persuaded with money to testify against Jerry....Will Russia end up going to war with Ukraine?.....Dougie & Lenny try to figure out how old Sylvester Stallone is after seeing his appearance on David Letterman.....Amazon has raised its annual membership fee for Prime to $99 a year.....Don't forget to enter the March Madness bracket prediction, $1 Billion for the perfect bracket prediction.
Then it's time for, 'Unusual News" with Jeffrey Gurian.  Today's headline, "Real estate agent arrested for selling small unusually shaped apartments" 

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Good Morning Listeners & we welcome back Peter Leonard from his spine surgery.  Peter shares some stories of his adventures with nurse sponge baths, availability of pain medication, & the limitations of having to wear a neck brace.
Dougie & Peter review the new Major League Baseball rule that a catcher can no longer block home base without possessing the ball....Today's Family Feud Question, "Name something you clip"   Of course we couldn't talk about stuff without discussing the missing Malaysian Airliner....$50k gold coin collection may have been melt down at Pawn Stars Pawn Shop....Ever wonder what flight attendants really think of you?

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Good Morning Listeners, Thanks for Tuning in to today's Wake Up Late with Dougie Show.  Today Minda sits in with Dougie and they discuss the ongoing mystery of the missing Malaysian Airliner, review the Funny or Die video of Zach Galifianakis's interview with Pres. Obama, & Imagine the next big thing a woman can cosmetically change on her body, "Crop Circle Nipples" Then it's time for "Toasted Sports" with Toast.  Toast tells us to get our March Madness picks ready and enter Warren Buffet's $1 Billion Challenge for a Perfect March Madness Pick.

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Good morning Listeners!  Today Dougie & Lenny start the day discussing Dougie’s upcoming road gig to Kentucky & West Virginia with Comedy Zone…..Dougie tells us about some of the characters at his gym.  Like the guy who wears sunglasses.  Then there’s this guy at the gym he calls, “Stinky”, & finally the lady who has great abs that always has them exposed while working out……..Lenny admits to consistently farting when he’s on the tread mill…..Lenny has to mention how big the girl from Precious was on the Oscars…..Lenny continues his rant against Kim Novak and how she looked at Oscars.  However, Lenny loves how Jennifer Gardner looked in her after Oscar party dress….John Kerry comments on Vladimir Putin’s integrity…..Dougie asks the question, “How many people could actually hold on from a ledge without falling for their life?”….Then it’s time for “Toasted Sports” with Toast.  Dougie & Toast discuss weight loss, Lebron James 61 point game, which did you prefer his black mask or his white mask? The Heat are coming together nicely for the end of this season.  Will Lebron stay with the Heat after this year?  Toast asks Dougie how he feels about the NFL penalizing players for using the “N” Word.  In the PGA, Tiger plays horribly and what’s the deal with his back?  He’s in great shape.  English Premiere League soccer coach, Alan Pardew, of Newcastle, apologizes for head butting player on opposing team. 

Then it’s time for “Unusual News” with Jeffrey Gurian.  Today’s headline, “Busiclander Discovered in Blarney Castle”

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It’s Hump Day and Tim Hanlon joins Dougie in the studio.  Listen in as they discuss Dougie’s upcoming road gigs to Kentucky, West Virginia, & Michigan……Dougie gets can’t decide if he should drive or spend some money on a flight…..Dougie got a ticket today for not having a seat belt on…..Tim tells us about almost getting a ticket for his Tag being expired for almost 2 years……Dougie had to turn down a great spot at the World Series of Comedy in San Antonio and Tim will be driving there to compete….Comedy is back at Goldfinger Gentleman’s Club in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Mar 29th at 9pm…..Dougie & Tim discuss the Do’s & Don’ts of standup comedy…..Dougie tells us of a local comic who bailed on two shows Dougie booked him for.  Also, it’s never cool for a comic on a show to say anything negative about a performer on the show you’re on.  Not Cool!.....Tim tells us of a recent nightmare gig at Rocking Angels……How do you think Ellen did hosting the Oscars? Not as bad as John Travolta……Update on the Oscar Pistorious Trial……Jacksonville, Fla. Woman still in prison after getting sentenced for firing a rifle over the head of her abusive husband….Tensions continue in Ukraine as Russian troops enter the border town of Crimea…after 10 pro Muay Thai Kickboxing Dougie has never broken his nose…..Space harpoons can be created to scrape up samples from moons and asteroids…..Then Dougie & Tim discuss not getting into Cape Fear Comedy Festival….Then our Guest Comic Call In, The Hilarious, Rich Vos.  Rich & Dougie discuss Rich’s style as a comedian and why a lot of people thinks he’s an ass.  Then we get a surprise when Rich’s wife, Bonnie McFarlane, joins in on the conversation.

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Good morning listeners.  Thanks for checking out today’s show hosted by Dougie Almeida & Minda.  Listen in as Minda starts the morning telling us she used to own a go-cart & it was fast.  Then Dougie tells us how he spent his Saturday this weekend hanging at the pool with Peter Leonard…..Dougie started his Family Feud game again on Facebook and reads his questions and responses from his Facebook friends…..one of his friends responses reminds him of a big fight he had with him and a few kids from the block.  Dougie continues down memory lane and is now on the lookout for his Dad’s tool box who a friend bought but never paid for.  Where’s my tool box Greg?...What was your high school clique?.....Obama has no balls when it comes to Russia.  Although, Hilary Clinton may have a brain tumor…Then our Guest Comic Call In, Eddie Clark, tells us about working on a cruise ship, NASCAR, Legal weed in Colorado.  How long will it be before Home Depot opens its indoor agricultural area? Will Russia go to war with Ukraine? California gets some well needed rain. Unfortunately, it’s causing mudslides……Terrorist attack in China, 30 people killed by knife wielding Chinese Muslims….The Razzies award Will Smith and his son for the worst Movie & worst actors in 2013, “After Earth”

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