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Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dougie Almeida! Join Dougie every Tuesday as he welcomes fellow comedians & entertainers, to sit in and discuss trending topics and share funny stories from around the world.


This is our last show of the year hosted by Dougie Almeida, Peter Leonard, & Minda.  Where are you going for New Year’s Eve, house party, club, or just staying home?......Minda tells us how she took on a bunch of French chicks last New Year’s Eve…Minda comes up with a great idea, “Money Shot Woman’s Wrestling”…..Dougie shares some of his New Year’s Resolutions….. Then we vote on what were the Top Stories of 2013…the Duck Dynasty saga continues as a new video is uncovered showing Phil Robertson mentioning it would be good for men to marry woman at the age of 15, 16……Dougie thinks the Russian Meteor should have been one of the top stories for 2013…Dwayne Wade fathers a child with lady he messed around with while on break with Gabriel Union. 

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Merry Christmas!  Today's show is a bit of a Holiday Special hosted by Dougie Almeida, Peter Leonard, & Toast.  Listen in as the team take calls from our Three Wise Men, Frank Del Pizzo, Jeffrey Gurian, & The Rev Bob Levy.
Plenty of Laughs with a little bit of information.  Happy Holidays and thanks for listening to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show.  

Merry Christmas!

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We are back on Friday morning!  Listen in as Dougie & Lenny welcome in the studio, local comic (sort of) Mandi Mo.  First topic of discussion, is Phil Robertson's 1st Amendment Rights being unfairly judged?...a little discussion on, "Obama Care"....Dougie mentions how Obama Care is just the beginning before we all have chips put in our bodies....Lenny celebrates 1 year of of not smoking weed....Dougie warns men not to get caught up in trying to have their ladies have sex with other woman.....Then on to whether or not Santa Claus is White or Black......Gym teacher was fired by his Lesbian Athletic Director and claims it was because he's not gay......Cuba lifts ban on citizens purchasing new and used cards....Target was hacked and information on 40M credit card accounts were compromised.....Could you imagine if Walmart had an Adult Themed section?......Dougie gives us the top 10 Worst Movies of 2013.  Along with the Best & the Worst TV programs of 2013.

Then it's time for, "Unusual News" with Jeffrey Gurian.  Brought to you by GNN, Gurian News Network.  Today's story, "Man displays uncanny ability to lift heavy objects with his eye." 

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Dougie & Peter start the morning discussing cock rings…..50 year old men do not look forward to their first prostate exam….Report says America’s youth are using more marijuana, but using less harmful drugs and binge drinking……Driving stoned is not nearly as dangerous as driving drunk…..Dougie explains how to throw a dart….Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson compares homosexuality to bestiality and the gay community are outraged…..Stock market was up almost 300 points on Wednesday…..Federal Reserve announced it will begin to, “Taper” its US Gov’t Bond purchasers by $10B a day from $85B to 75B……Bomb Hoax at Harvard was just a student stressed about taking final exams……Science has revealed the Neanderthal man was not only incestuous, he was also into having sex with animals…..Warren Buffet profited $37M a day in 2014…Missouri woman faces charges after posing nude with her teenage daughter in photos that were later posted online…..Woman in Australia walks of a pier while updating her Facebook page. 

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It's Hump Day and Toast joins Dougie in the studio today.  Listen in as they discuss;  What would it be like to be a Professional Wrestling Referee?.....The art of hosting a comedy show.....Not all greenrooms are alike.....Toast's neighbor thinks his name is Grover.....Dougie realizes the voice of Grover on Sesame Street is very similar to the voice of Yoda on Star Wars......Dougie discusses his various nick names he received when he was kickboxing.....In the News, Indian woman miscarries 10 babies.....Toast & Dougie discuss Ice Cream and how the Wendy's Frosty is nothing like ice cream....Toast schools Dougie on Metallica...Another person close to, or involved with Aaron Hernandez, has been found dead......George Zimmerman is now an artist and his first painting is currently going for over $100k on EBay.......Toast informs us on various sex laws from around the country.....24 men in Tampa area were arrested in police sting involving prostitution ring with BackPage ads......Then its time for, "Let's Be Frank" with Frank Del Pizzo.  Frank tells us about his recent physical at his Doctors office.

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Tuesday morning and Dougie is joined in the studio by Tim Hanlon.  Dougie tells us what is was like to drive 8 hours round trip on Friday to his gig in Homosassa, Fla.  Then doing comedy in front of 10 people at new club in Miami.  Dougie and Tim attended the Open Mic at Rock'n Angels in Boca.  They both made fun of the phoney sign language guy from Mandela's Memorial service...Local comic Ron Beau writes damaging and negative review of restaurant that hosts a comedy open mic...... In the News, Google is buying up several robot companies, why?....Then we bring you, "You Know What I'm Saying?" with the Reverend Bob Levy.

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Peter Leonard joins Dougie today as the co-host and they spend the morning talking about;
Dougie suggests for Peter to not talk so much.....Peter asks Dougie what he would do if he won 20MM....Go off on a discussion of S.Florida Gold Diggers....Did you know that Peter almost played pro baseball?.....Photographer who took photos of Pres. Obama at the Mandela Memorial Service, admits Michele Obama was also having a good time prior to those photos being taken and was not peeved.....How do you handle things when someone close to you dies?.......Update on the pilot who crashed the Asiana Jet in San Francisco.  He said he was concerned about landing the 777 & felt he was not ready for it....6 year old in Colorado gets suspended and charged with sexual harassment after kissing a fellow 6 year old student in school. 

Then it's time for the, "Unusual News" with Jeffrey Gurian. Today Jeffrey shares a story of a man who opened a mosquito bite shop and sells mosquito bites to people who can't afford to go away on Summer vacation!

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Have some Dougie & Toast this morning!  Dougie & Toast bring you, "What's Trending" like....Toast wishes misfortune to all those "Trust Babies" out there....Are you a Slob?......Dougie & Toast share their experience in the, "Happy Room" at the fertility clinic...GM hires it's first female CEO....Obama catches heat for taking selfie photos at Nelson Mandela's memorial service.  He also got some heat for shaking Raul Castro's hand there.....Benjamin Netanyahu decided not to attend Mandela's memorial service.  Seems it was going to cost too much...Paris Hilton shows her true class when she flew had a plane towing a banners fly over Paul Walker's funeral....& they bring you the Top 10 career failures in 2013
Then it's time for, "You Know What I'm Saying?" with the Reverend Bob Levy

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Hey, Lenny is back!  That's right, Lenny is back from his 3 week comedy tour and tells us how much he hates the cold...He tells us about his shows at Governors Comedy Club......Dougie tells us about his weekend working at Off the Hook Comedy Club in Marco Island....Dougie announces that Jim Florentine will be performing at Wise Guys Comedy Show at Tavolino Della Nonna on Feb 5th.  Also, Dougie will be featuring for Jim at WPB Improv 2/6, then Dougie & Jim will be performing in Miami 2/7 for the Havenots of Comedy, & lastly, Dougie & Jim will be at Sunrise Theater in Ft. Pierce, Fla. 2/8.....Dougie & Lenny may be doing a radio show for Govs Radio.....Kim Jung Un fires his uncle from power in N. Korea....Susan Boyle announces she has Asperger's.....Man leaps to his death in a shopping mall when his girlfriend insisted on continuing to shop.....Ralphie May goes to rehab for food addiction.....George Zimmerman's new girlfriend wants to drop charges and get back with him....Satanist want to put up a statue in Oklahoma right next to 10 Commandments monument.
Along with, "Let's Be Frank" with Frank Del Pizzo

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Happy Thursday!  Listen in as Dougie and Peter Leonard discuss; Last week's Thanksgiving Dinner at Peter's house....Why are the British so "Snooty"? ......Dougie explains to Peter what a, "Street Joke" is...Peter gets under Dougie's skin.....Dougie announces S.Fla tour with Jim Florentine 2/5 at Wise Guys Comedy Show at Tavolino's, 2/6 Palm Beach Improv, 2/7 Fillmore Miami Beach, 2/8 Sunrise Theater Ft. Pierce, Fla.... update on from the coroner on Paul Walker....Turns out the train conductor in New York City, fell asleep just before running off the tracks....Ever go the wrong way down a street?....How do you treat your bartender?  What's a good tip?....Dougie & Peter tell us the top things that piss off bartenders.....Dougie tells us what his new drink is....Do you like separate checks or just split the bill?.....In the News, Truck with radio active material was stolen in little town village....Be sure to change all your passwords on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc.  2MM passwords were stolen and put out on the web....Martin Bashir resigns from MSNBC News for his Sarah Palin rant.....Alec Baldwin got fired from MSNBC as well for his homophobic rants.
Along with, "Unusual News" with Jeffrey Gurian.  Today Jeffrey introduces us to Shamarie Maharaj, who created a vanishing cream that actually made one of her clients disappear after rubbing it all over him.

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Also, please visit http://trueeternity.com/ for more beauty products. 

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It's Wednesday and Dougie and Toast spend the morning discussing;  when they started smoking weed...Dougie shares some knowledge about strip clubs....Toast went to camp when he was a kid....Dougie is trying to get back in shape & Toast doesn't believe him.....Toast golfs while Dougie plays disc golf....Dougie & Toast talk about steak....Remember playing Tether Ball?.....we have an update about the train engineer.  Officials say he may not have been, "Fully Alert"...Dougie & Toast tell us where they go for porn.....There is too much spitting in porn today....US are falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to our youth's education....Toast tells us about his experience on the Government Health care website....Bankruptcy hearings are going on in Detroit....Then Dougie closes the show by himself cause Bob Levy couldn't call in....Dougie picks out a few stories that should be told.

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Exciting day in Danger Studios, today is our first show of our new format.  We are going with 3 shows a week & today, Dougie & Tim have plenty to talk about.  Who actually cares about saving a few bucks to have to deal with shopping on, "Black Friday"? ....Death of Paul Walker from the Fast & the Furious....Police helicopter in Ireland crashes on top of an Irish Pub....Man accidentally throws away his computer forgeting he has 7500 bit-coin in it. That's $7.5MM these days....& much more.
Then we bring you, "Let's Be Frank" with Frank Del Pizzo

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