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Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dougie Almeida! Join Dougie every Tuesday as he welcomes fellow comedians & entertainers, to sit in and discuss trending topics and share funny stories from around the world.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Listen in as Dougie and Peter share their Thanksgiving morning with our listeners.  Peter tries to say thank you to Dougie, kind of......Peter tells us about his experience at a drive up window.....Dougie advises Peter not to worry about the ignorance of others, cause that's how he deals with Peter.....Police arrest the person responsible for killing a 10 year old boy while robbing a nail salon  here in Miami.....Peter gets under Dougie's skin again....we have a brief report from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade......Then we get to hear Dougie & Peter hunt a turkey for....Then it's time for "Unusual News" with Jeffrey Gurian.  Jeffrey tells us about a Swiss man who invented a car that runs on urine. 

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Dougie & Toast discuss the future structure of the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show…..What do you consider the signature Italian restaurant dish?.....Dougie tells us a bit about Cambodian food…..Toast introduces Dougie to a Fluffer Nutter.  Then get into a discussion of Nutella and peanut butter……Dougie has to find out how Toast feels about the Illuminati…..How much Bit Coin do you have?......Do you really want to live in the world of the future?.....”In the News” US flies to bombers into Chinese airspace.  US and China are in the middle of a real Space War…..Little talk about Super Hero movies.

Then we bring you, “You Know What I’m Saying?” with The Rev. Bob Levy.   Bod vents about Thanksgiving and Black Friday. 

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Tuesday morning & Dougie is joined in the studio by, Tim Hanlon & Special Guest, Soo Ra.  Listen in as  they discuss;  Some of Dougie's stories about NYC.... Dougie's infected tooth from picking his teeth with a NYC Subway Metro card, isn't getting any better.....as a comic, would you confront another comic if you heard him telling someones else s joke?......Tim tells us how a drunk patron sprayed fellow comic, David Del Rosario with a beer at a recent venue.....Tim seems to be a bit more feisty lately.....How do you feel about the death of Brian Griffin on Family Guy?......Martin Bashir's rant about Sara Palin.....Dougie updates on on the progress of comet ISON.....the Affordable Healthcare Act is just the beginning of all of us being tagged with micro chips....911 and other possible conspiracy theories....What's going on with Iran?.....Ever been on Bumper Boats?....Dougie is all alone in the house with his wife away for a week...How Dougie paces back and forth waiting for his Google Map to show him which direction he is walking.....Dougie's South Beach partying days.....& Much more.

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It’s the Monday Morning Threesome, Dougie Almeida, Talia Brahms, & Peter Leonard.  Listen in as they discuss:  The anniversary of JFK assassination….Dougie becomes proficient in the NYC Subway System…Dougie has his, “New York City Subway AGT Contest” ….…..George Zimmerman’s new girlfriend should be examined…Charles Manson gets married and Dougie thinks the State should keep him from ever impregnating his wife….Dougie performs in NYC in front of the New Spice Girls…..Peter Leonard invites Dougie to Thanksgiving Dinner at his house….Dougie awards the, “Wasted Award” to a young lady on the subway who does a face plant right in front of Dougie on the subway…..Peter tells us of the time he fended off a group of thugs by throwing up on them……Peter then tells us about his Saturday night Blackout. Turns out some hot chic who worked for the bar he was at teased him into buying everyone at the bar a drink…..Dougie picks his teeth with his NY City subway Metro Card and now he’s in pain…..Peter Leonard give his, “Current Events Quiz”…everyone listens in to Lamar Odom’s recent wrap video on YouTube…..the Free World & Iran come to a, “Nuclear Deal” it’s called the, “Bright Futures.”…… Dougie walks a mile, into the wind, from his train stop to his apartment in 25 degree weather in New York City….Keep an eye to the sky on Thanksgiving Day for the Comet Ison.

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Dougie Almeida & Peter Leonard are excited to have our new co-host in the studio, Toast.  Toast has spent many years working in the S.Fla. Radio scene.  Working for such great radio stations as Zeta & Big 105.9 and member of Morning Radio's Paul & Young Ron Show.  Listen in as Dougie, Peter, & Toast talk about Toast wearing Crocs....We share the survival story of Tilly Tutor who was cut off a highway in S.Fla and hung in a mangrove tree for days until discovered....Peter tells us when he met Toast back in the old radio days....What's a deal breaker when it comes to a woman?.....& much more
Then we bring you, "Unusual News" with Jeffrey Gurian.  Always entertaining when Jeffrey brings us stories not covered by the mainstream media.  Listen and subscribe.

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Dougie is back from the Cleveland Comedy Festival and in Danger Studios with today's co-host, Tim Hanlon.  Joining Dougie & Tim today is S. Fla. new and up and coming funny man, Darius Culpepper.  Listen in as they discuss their time at the Cleveland Comedy Festival......the newest trend with urban youths, the game, "Knockout".......George Zimmerman gets arrested again......Volcano in Italy is erupting.....Woman in New Mexico gets pulled over by the police and her family attack the cops, forcing the cops to shoot at minivan with 5 kids in it. 

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Dougie Almeida & Tim Hanlon broadcast from the Cleveland Comedy Festival in the Playhouse Square Theater in Downtown Cleveland.  Listen in as Dougie & Tim discuss comedy with fellow festival participants, Rodescu Hopkins & Antonio Aguilar & former punk rocker, Mike Baker. 

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last week, Dougie broadcast from the the Cleveland Comedy Festival in Downtown Cleveland and sat down with three young comics from New York City, Zain Khalid, Andre McSween, & Rune Diya.  Listen in as Dougie just tries to remember everyone's name......Zain tells us about his massive weight lose....Everyone discusses Rune's incredible Adams apple....Zain thinks he took the Mega Bus to Cleveland, turns out he took the China Bus.....Andre let's us all know where cocaine sales ran rampant in Brooklyn.  Check it out and subscribe

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Listen in to today's show with our hosts, Dougie Almeida & Tim Hanlon.  Listen in as the discuss:

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza vs. New York Pizza.....Improv's Florida's Funniest Comedian East Coast Semi Finals. Congrats John Wynn & Nery Saenz.....Dougie turns down gig to start booking it himself.  Introducing TADDA Productions, comics for all venues... Dougie gets turned on to Hip Hop....Dougie & Tim head to Cleveland for the Cleveland Comedy Festival.....Our prayers go out to the people of the Phillipines. Over 10k dead and 500k displaced. 1800 people died with Hurricane Katrina....Police baracade Fla. Turnpike and 595 cause Veteran threatens to hang himself from causway.

Then it's time for, "You Know What I'm Saying?" with the Rev Bob Levy. Bob and the guys talk about the Miami Dolphins and their issues, Bob has a fued with someone on Twitter about his credits.

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Happy Veteran's Day!  We want to thank all of our listeners who have served in the military.  Thank you for your service! 
It's Monday and Dougie Almeida is joined in the Studio by Peter Leonard & Talia Brahms.  Listen in as they discuss:
Dougie's recent road trip to Jacksonville, Fla....Picky eaters....Good names for comedy clubs....Dougie is trying to find a location for a comedy club from New York to open here in South Florida....Talia tells us about her recent car accident....Talia wants to get on MTV's Girl Code.....Dougie advises Talia to not get serious with any guy until she's over 27 years old.....Never go back to an X....Why bother giving advice to some people?....Dougie tells us about a Facebook war he is in the middle of and much more.

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This show is packed with laughs. Dougie Almeida & Lenny Travis open the show with, "What's Trending".  Then Steve Marshall joins Dougie in the studio along with, Jeffrey Gurian and "Unusual News" 

Plenty of laughs & Information.

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Good Morning and welcome to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show.  Today's hosts are Dougie Almeida & Peter Leonard.  Listen in as they discuss their recent experiences with miserable bastards.....Dougie thinks next Halloween, Peter should dress as Martina Navratilova and have a blond girl join him so they can be, Martina and Crissy Everett.....Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, finally admits to smoking crack.  Well kind of......You wouldn't believe some of the most disrespectful costumes people decided to wear this year for Halloween.  A mother lets her son wear w KKK costume.  Two girls from England dress as the Twin Towers on 911.  Two guys dress as Treyvon Martin and George Zimmerman and a woman dresses at a Boston Marathon runner who got blown up ....Dougie explains its always better to be over dressed then under dressed....Dougie & Peter bring up some of there, "Bad Decisions" they have made in there lives....Scientists produce a map of the world if all the ice on Earth was to melt.....Peter explains what, "a forte night" means in time.....an update on the Google barges....Dougie grows more & more suspicious of the company Google...Then it's time for, "Let's Be Frank" with Frank Del Pizzo
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Dougie is back this week with today's guest co-host, Tim Hanlon.  Joining them in the studio is local S.Fla. Radio star, Toast, from the Paul & Young Ron Show.  Listen in as they discuss;  What happened to terrestrial radio.....How long a true Feature set should be.....Homemade sex tapes.....How to market on Twitter.....The Miami Dolphins, Richie Incognito's indefinite suspension from the team for, "Bullying", and much more.

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We have another great Friday show for you.  Dougie Almeida & Lenny Travis are today's hosts along with their guest, David Del Rosario.  Listen in as they go from the Middle East to why all guys who drive Mustangs are assholes.  Then it's time for, "Unusual News" with Jeffrey Gurian.  Brought to you by GNN, Gurian News Network
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