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Morning radio show hosted by Dougie Almeida & his co-host, Elgin David, Ciro Dobric, Ethan Moore, & Danny “The Jew”

December 5, 2017

Dec 5, 2017 with Dougie Almeida

Welcome to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show

Join Dougie, as he broadcasts from his hotel room on the road.  Listen in as he Opens the Show discussing such things as; Brian Ross & ABC’s Big Screw Up!! Fake or purposely done?, The View & Joey Behar vs Meghan McCain, & Supreme Court wedding cake case asks whether baking is protected speech

Straight From the Headlines

"Two doctors fired after 'dead' baby wakes up on way to funeral", "She struck a cop, he punched her, and now she has to write him a letter of apology", "Facebook Is Banning Women for Calling Men ‘Scum’, "Opossum in Florida gets drunk after breaking into liquor store", "Shock as Amazon delivery woman defecates on customer’s front yard while dropping off package", "Donkeys jailed after eating expensive plants on prison grounds", "Chicago woman dies days after found with head stuck in fence","Woman finds $1 million lottery ticket in husband's backpack", & "DUI suspect dances on car, flees on kid's scooter"

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