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Aug 30, 2013 with Dougie Almeida, Lenny Travis, & Jeffrey Gurian

It’s Friday and Lenny Travis joins Dougie in the studio and we have a 3 day weekend.  It’s Labor Day Weekend and there’s no Jerry Lewis Telethon this year…Federal Government will honor individual states Pot Smoking laws.  We now have over 20 states that have legalized marijuana…..FedEx has new vacuum sealed envelopes to send weed…..Be careful what you wish for.  If you get a marijuana card, you will be on a government data base as a Pot Head…..Aaron Hernandez abused the drug, “Angel Dust” also known as PCP and was about to get fired prior to his arrest…..James Spader has been cast as the villain, “Ultron” in the next Avengers movie……”Are you ready for some football?”…..NFL reach settlement awarding players $765MM who suffered cognitive injuries…..US holds off on strike against Syria & Britain pulls out on strike…..Kim Jung Un executes his ex-girlfriend by firing squad along with 10 other people because they shot a porn video……Russian artist gets arrested after painting a picture of Vladimir Putin in a slip……Mike Tyson admits abusing alcohol and cocaine……teacher rapes 14 year old student and only gets 30 days in jail.  Judge in the case apologizes for thoughtless remarks that the 14 year old acted older than her age and had it coming…..Hookers are giving discounts to their Johns in Nevada.

“Unusual News” with Jeffrey Gurian.  Brought to you by GNN, Gurian News Network, “Bringing you all the news that’s fit to dance to” High Roller shows up at Casino with Golden Mustache.

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Aug 29, 2013 with Dougie Almeida, Peter Leonard, Peter Fogel, & Frank Del Pizzo

What a day in Danger Studios!  Peter Leonard & Peter Fogel join Dougie and it doesn't take much time for the two Peters to lay into each other.  Hilarity continues as the boys discuss what's trending in Syria, locally, and how Peter Fogel's  Plenty of Fish date almost ends up in Peter's bedroom.  Tune in, we promise you many laughs with these three. 
Also,  "Let's Be Frank" with Frank Del Pizzo.  Frank shares with us how he really doesn't listen to the news.

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Aug 28, 2013 with Dougie Almeida, Lenny Travis, & Warren Durso

Today Dougie & Lenny discuss: Syria and the potential for WWIII….the effect on the Stock Market…..the French are especially pissed at Syria…Why must America police the world.  Why Saudi Arabia and Israel team up against Syria…..Israel don’t prepares by distributing gas masks to its citizens……is it cheating if you have sex on skype?  How about if you get a happy ending during a massage?...Jodie Arias sentencing trial is underway…..How hard is it to get disability from the government?.....Several reports of Black on White crime this week…..Where is President Obama now after all this Black on White crime…should parents be held responsible the actions of their children?  Perhaps jail time and financial compensation…Lady gives birth to her baby at a sports bar and throws baby in the toilet and goes back to watch wrestling match…Switzerland have Sex Boxes!  That’s right…..Large cat in Detroit is killed after terrorizing the neighborhood

“Warren’s Wealth of Wisdom” with Warren Durso

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Aug 27, 2013 with Dougie Almeida & Damien Figler

Today Dougie is joined in the studio by Damien Figler and they discuss:
Miley Cyrus's antics at the VMA Awards, Heaven & Hell, Aliens, the group Chicago, Bringer shows, Drugs, &
don't forget, Aug. 30th. Damien Figler's Rocking Comedy Show at Catskills Comedy Club in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. doors open at 8pm $10 two bands and four comics.  See you there

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Aug 26, 2013 with Dougie Almeida & Peter Leonard

Dougie & Peter discuss Monday morning conference calls….Dougie shares a story of the last time he went bowling…..Football flashback when the Dolphins played the Patriots and the snow removal guy cleared a spot for the Patriots kicker….Mark Sanchez from the NY Jets is like the Mr. Bean of quarterbacks…..Lamar Odom goes missing after being thrown out of the house by Khloe Kardashian.  Seems he’s been sleeping around and doing Crack…..Donald Trump is being sued by New York Attorney General for his, “Trump University.”….Dougie shows Peter two golf trophies he won playing golf.  Can you believe it?.....How will the US handle the situation in Syria?.....How would we feel if we had our own Civil War and Canada decided to step in and help?...Ten Dumb Things a Boss Can Say & Much more

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Aug 23, 2013 with Dougie Almeida, Lenny Travis, & Jeffrey Gurian

TGIF!!!  Lenny Travis joins Dougie as today’s co-host and Lenny asks why the local Improv CC is hiring people to work in their phone sales department.  Dougie explains the 95% fail expectation when selling on the phone…Florida’s Funniest Comedian Contest enrollment ends this week.  Comedy Central National contest starts notifying participants in Orlando & Tampa.  Local comics wait & see if they have been chosen….Bradly Manning gets 35 years in jail & now says he wants to go through gender reassignment surgery to be Chelsea Manning.  Now his ass will have its own Wiki Leaks….4 rockets fired into Israel and the “Iron Dome” only intercepted one of them…..Chemical attack in Syria.  Lenny thinks it may be the CIA trying to bring the US into this war…..NASDAQ shuts down for 3 hours yesterday in the middle of trading…..Should high frequency trading be allowed?.....UPS announces they will no longer provide insurance coverage for spousal dependents should that spouse have other insurance options open to them…….Dougie admits to benefiting from, “Obama Care”…..Anthony Wieners sex-ting partner, Ms. Leathers, performs in Porno with actress who has just been diagnosed with the HIV virus…..Where is Obama, Al Sharpton, &  Jesse Jackson regarding the shooting of the Australian college student by 3 young black men?....Not a good week to work in retail, Kat Williams attacks employee of Target & Dunkin Donuts employee gets pistol whipped by couple upset about getting the wrong flavoring in their coffee…..Lebron James shave his head and goes with the bald look…transgender star of web series, Hollywood Houseboys, was found dead beaten to death.

“Unusual News” with Jeffrey Gurian.  Brought to you by, GNN, Gurian News Network.  “Bringing you all the news that’s fit to dance to.  Today, Jeffrey reports on a potential bill being reviewed in New York City that will demand all citizens to wear neck ties in public.

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Aug 21, 2013 with Dougie Almeida, Lenny Travis, & Warren Durso

Good Morning!  Dougie is joined by his long time co-host, Lenny Travis and they discuss:

For $60k you could purchase an Aqua Hydro Jet Pack…..Dougie wonders if his comedy/radio life is affecting his Financial Planning life….. Ever watch the Nude News Network?  Lenny explains what, “Edging” is…..Why not just watch the news on TV and You Porn on your computer? ……Lenny shares another colonoscopy story…Cab driver jumps curb hitting people in Mid-Town Manhattan & Dr. Oz runs to assist…Ever been in a cab that smelled like Hell?...”Famous Tweets in History”…..Dick Van Dyke’s Jaguar catches fire while he’s in it……Actor who played Jet Jackson commits suicide at age 29….Tesla Motors is for real. This is the car of the future…..Copper may be contributing to Alzheimer’s disease….Lebron James as police give him escort down wrong way street to get to JZ Justin Timberlake concert......Alex Rodriguez gets beamed by Boston Red Sox pitcher, Ryan Dempster and Dempster gets 5 game suspension…..Another Sun Fart is on its way to us on Earth….3 black teenagers shoot a white college baseball player while he’s on a jog cause they are bored.

Then, “Warren’s Wealth of Wisdom” with Warren Durso.  Dougie & Warren discuss Awareness & Conscience, how bad it’s lacking in our society.  


Aug 19, 2013 with Dougie Almeida, Peter Leonard, & The Rev. Bob Levy

Today's Hosts Dougie Almeida & Peter Leonard discuss:..Dougie's comedy weekend in Orlando....Peter Leonard works with comedy legend, London Lee....Dougie has a message to Generation X......New product out there called the Chillow Pillow.....Vladimir Putin means business...Police hand out Free Dorrittos at Hemp Festival in Seattle....& Much more.
Also, our new segment
"You Know What I'm Saying?" with The Reverend Bob Levy
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Aug 16, 2013 with Dougie Almeida, Lenny Travis, & Jeffrey Gurian

Today Dougie & Lenny discuss what it must be like to have a job selling cars…..Dougie explains what the $100k lunch is…..As a comedian, you have to develop a vault….Why do most comics not like other comics who can do crowd work?...Hundreds die in Egypt after the government drove over the people with bulldozers supplied by Caterpillar…..Seems like Crazy is the only way to deal with Crazy…..former Bachelor star, Gia Allemand, commits suicide and dies at the age of 29….Whorry sister on the “70s Show” died at rehab center….Meet Nasa’s asteroid hunter….Update on guy with 100 pound testicle finally has it removed….We announce the 7 highest paid jobs that are hiring now…..WWE star Daren Young announces he’s gay.  Oh no, a gay wrestler…..Kanye West gets booed at a LA Dodgers game….Don’t you love it when woman tennis player grunt on the court.

“Unusual News” with Jeffrey Gurian.  Brought to you by GNN, Gurian News Network. “Bringing you all the news that’s fit to dance to.”  Man tattoos muscular physique on his thin frail body.

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Aug 13, 2013 with Dougie Almeida, Tim Hanlon, Esther Ku, & Rev. Bob Levy

Today's hosts, Dougie Almeida, Tim Hanlon, & Esther Ku.  Listen in as they discuss:
Fixed marriages, bombing on stage, some of the hassles when friends come to see you perform, Virgin Airlines are now hiring comedians to perform on flights, How long should you wait for someone to call you back after leaving a message?, Esther tells us of her recent visit to a Chinese massage parlor in NYC, Don't you hate it when your out of town and everything closes early? Along with our new segment

"You Know What I'm Saying" with The Reverend Bob Levy.  Bob tells us about his gig at the Borgata and meeting Jay Leno.  Also tells us how he's doing living apart from his wife.
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Aug 9, 2013 with Dougie Almeida, Lenny Travis & Jefrey Gurian

It's Friday & today's hosts, Dougie Almeida & Lenny Travis discuss:
Lenny explains how he drew NO ONE last weekend at Catskills CC.  He says, "It was the weather"......Lenny may start working for an agency that hires Stand Up Comics.  Pay back is a bitch....Remember the first time you masturbated and made a mess?....Dougie reminisces his visit to the, "Happy Room" at the Fertility Clinic...the Pros & Cons of Crowd Work......Here what Dougie thinks when his Asian wife asks to drive....Power Ball winner comes out, wins 149MM.....What kinda car or cars would you buy with that kinda money?....How useful would an Electric Car be?..... Everyone's goal should be to own your home mortgage free.....Lenny gets report back from colonoscopy while he's on vacation...Lenny freaks out after watching documentary on the Sun...Boston Bombers college mates found guilty for Obstruction  20 years in Federal Penn....Things are getting tense between Putin & Obama...Dougie is trying to sell half his season tickets for the Miami Heat if interested email him at
alwaysdangerousdougie@gmail.com .

"Unusual News" with Jeffrey Gurian brought to you by GNN, Gurian News Network, "Bringing you all the news that's fit to dance to."
 Preponderance of Thousand Pound Men Sparks Landlord Insurrection ( who knew there were so many thousand pound men???)

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Aug 2, 2013 with Dougie Almeida, Lenny Travis, & Jeffrey Gurian

TGIF Show Dougie Almeida & Lenny Travis close the week....You have to kiss ass to get ahead....What happened with Bob Levy & Howard Stern?.....Ariel Castro gets Life without parole plus 1000 years....Edward Snowden was granted temporary asylum in Russia.....Russian Military deploy a guided missile war ship to Cuba....Russia to enforce Anti-Gay law during 2014 Olympics. Guess there won't be any man's figure skating...We talk NBA a bit....What's the big deal with the TV show, "The Dome" ?......Silvio Berlusconi found guilty of tax fraud. Sentenced 4 years, but do to prison overcrowding, he will only spend 1 year in jail.....John Kerry visits Pakistan and says we may stay a bit longer in Afghanistan....Comedian doing crowd work in Detroit asks, "What did you use to do when you worked?"......Country singer, David Alan Cole, has a song using the "N" Word.....Man dies in trash compactor while searching for his missing cell phone...Anthony Wiener pops up again.

"Unusual News" with Jeffrey Gurian.  Jeffrey is back from Just for Laughs, Montreal Comedy Festival & 
tells  us how men in Chicago are actually undergoing surgery to keep their hats from flying off in the Windy City.   Screw-on hats are all the rage!


Aug 1, 2013 with Dougie Almeida, Peter Leonard, & Rev. Bob Levy

Peter Leonard is back in the studio with Dougie Almeida  and they discuss most often misquoted song lyrics……The man who scored the first points ever in the NBA, Ozzy Shiekman, died this week…remember when you would have sex with girls in high school and you would have to make love real quiet in her parents’ home?...Dougie shares how he schemed on his girlfriend in high school to take another woman to his senior prom…..Howard Zimmerman is pulled over in Texas and he was carrying a gun.  Wouldn’t you if you were him?....Wouldn’t it be funny if OJ Simpson and Zimmerman got into a fight and killed each other?....Peter tells us how he told off OJ Simpson at a benefit….Simon Cowell gets his good friends wife pregnant……We go back and visit the old ad for Tickle woman’s deodorant…massive coronal solar emission just missed hitting the Earth by days & this would have knocked out all our computers, cell phones, & electric grids…..They are considering putting Treyvon Martin’s hoodie in the Smithsonian Institute…then our Guest Comic Call In The Reverend Bob Levy

Bob tells us how I lost in Cape May, unprofessional comics, comedy contest suck, & a handicap man gets his balls eaten by his dog while he sleeps.